Teeth whitening

A beautiful white smile makes us feel more confident, but many people suffer from the problems of having yellow or stained teeth. We at Root32 can safely whiten your teeth by several shades in just one visit. It’s fast, easy, and won’t damage your teeth or gums.

There are many reasons why teeth turn yellow, including certain foods and drinks, medication, tobacco use, and conditions we can’t control, like age or injury.

Professional teeth whitening is perfect for:

  • Stained teeth, including yellowish, brownish, and greyish colours
  • People who are looking for an easy smile makeover or have an upcoming event
Benefits of teeth whitening
  • Fast - In just one visit, we can successfully whiten your teeth by several shades.
  • Safe - Our dentist-approved whitening treatment is controlled and won't damage your enamel.
  • Affordable - Professional teeth whitening is one of the most cost-effective ways to enhance your smile.
How is it done?

We’ll make sure your teeth and gums are healthy before treatment. The teeth are cleaned and prepped to remove any plaque. After cleaning, the teeth are kept dry, and we may use a retractor to keep the lips and tongue out of the way. We also apply a gel or shield to protect the gums. The front of your teeth is covered with a whitening solution, and light activates the whitening process. Then we rinse and may apply fluoride for tooth sensitivity.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes. Studies have proven that teeth whitening does not cause permanent damage to your teeth. At Root 32 we use the best quality materials that are completely biocompatible with your tissues in the mouth to make your experience great without any harmful effects

How long the whitening effect will last?

The effect of teeth whitening is not permanent and longevity varies from 6 months to 2 years. It greatly depends on the amount of intake of coloured food, smoking and regular maintenance. Whitening tooth paste can help to maintain the effect for a considerably long time.

Veneers or Laminates

Dental veneers (also called porcelain veneers or laminates) are wafer thin; custom made shells of tooth-coloured materials designed to cover the surface of the teeth to improve your appearance. These shells are bonded to the front of the teeth changing their colour, shape or size.

Are veneers permanent?

With the proper care and maintenance, the good quality veneers can last for many years or life long since they are bonded directly to the tooth structure and made of high-quality porcelain

Do they grind your teeth for veneers?

With no preparation veneers, there is no removal or grinding of your natural teeth. For regular veneers minimum trimming or roughening of your tooth enamel is required for the adequate bonding

Veneers or Laminates

A dental crown(cap) is a restoration that is placed on a tooth that has lost a lot of tooth structure, due to infection/trauma. Crowns can be used to correct a mis-shaped tooth, broken tooth or discoloured tooth to get your perfect smile back.


Tooth coloured composite fillings can be used to restore a broken tooth or mis-shaped tooth to get the desired smile.

What is composite restoration?

Composite restorations are a white, tooth color filling material utilized to match the natural aesthetics of your adjacent teeth. These high quality, durable restorations have taken the place of older style amalgam (silver) fillings.

How long do composite restorations last?

While composite fillings are not as strong as amalgam ones, they are still quite strong and can last for many years. Many composite fillings last at least 5 years. There are many instances in which they can last up to 10 years or more